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3 pkgs. of 15 for $11.25

500 Plates for $100.00

Local Distribution Available 400 Case Starter stored at Gork's Cave.

International Distribution Available
20 ft. Container
Approx. 400 Cases
150,000 - 175,000 Plates
Cost Est. $15,000-$18,000

Prices may vary due to
Freight Charges and
International Exchange Rates.

Prices Subject to Change


Width: 10-3/16" [259 mm]
Depth: 1-1/8" [29mm]
Weight: 21 grams
Material: Polystyrene
Color: Black


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Plastic Plates


These Testimonials came from real people who have used the Gorkplates.

Bob (is it Bob, I see you signoff with g), thank you just got the plates. We have 2 Big Green Egg Forums. I posted on both.

Hi William,
Thanks for the order, it will go out tomorrow. How did you find us and why did you feel compelled to take the time to order?
I will be taking some to an eggfest in Fla next month to try . Also my  neighbors host most all the neighborhood parties and I am always looking for something new/unusual/useful to bring. In the past I have brought finger mounted hors doeuvers mini plates and finger mounted wine glass holders . All the parties are buffet style and these sure look to be the perfect way to get food and drink at the same time

Thank you very much. If they do work for you, spread the word, and share with retailers in the area.

Makes me want to go tailgating Bobby !! You da MAN !! I'm hungry and I'm not eating without Gork !! Thank's Buddy, let's eat !! Buddy Tony 11-21-2011

Pleasure meeting you at Miami trade show. Great idea and unique!! Definitely looking forward to bring this product to Puerto Rico! Francisco 11-19-2011

I had the pleasure of talking to Gork on the phone today and we discussed these plates. I'm in North Carolina and these plates would be PERFECT for tailgating and BBQ's. I hope I can pick these up locally soon! Bob H. 09-16-2011

Fabulous idea...a real asset for a party to avoid wearing coleslaw! And it's perfect for queso/salsa with assorted chips for dipping! Carol 10-26-2010

This plate was awesome! Jon 9-28-2010

Dang Brother!! Cool idea. I'll have to place an order soon! Great to see ya again. Joe 9-27-2010

I Love Gork and his plates. YAY GORK!!!!! Elizabet 9-26-2010

Bob, awsome....will send lin to my brother at the U.... Juan 9-26-2010

eecellent design Satchi 9-26-2010

Was just at a baby shower & these plates were there. Very handy & convenient. Also helps so you don’t lose your drink because you set it down & not sure which one is yours. Great idea.
Carmen 9-20-2010

Great idea Gork, i can’t wait to buy some! Frank 9-18-2010

It is an amazingggggg plate. Nicole 9-16-2010

AWESOME…just used these plates tonight. What a great idea!!! Very strong and perfect for BBQ’s. Tiffany 9-9-2010

Where has this plate been all my life? What a great idea. Love it! Kathy 9-9-2010

Used them at a family BBQ and it’s so nice when there’s no chairs around and I can stand up and eat my food and hold my drink without setting them down or feeling like I am going to drop something! What a great idea! Matthew 9-1-2010

I’ve used this plate many times over the last few days…. it is awesome!!! Where do I buy these!!! Anonymous 8-26-2010

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