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Party People
The plates are here! Place your orders now for your tailgate parties. We are priced to compete with current retail prices for similar plates.

3 pkgs. of 15 for $11.25

500 Plates for $100.00

Local Distribution Available 400 Case Starter stored at Gork's Cave.

International Distribution Available
20 ft. Container
Approx. 400 Cases
150,000 - 175,000 Plates
Cost Est. $15,000-$18,000

Prices may vary due to
Freight Charges and
International Exchange Rates.

Prices Subject to Change


Width: 10-3/16" [259 mm]
Depth: 1-1/8" [29mm]
Weight: 21 grams
Material: Polystyrene
Color: Black

Plastic Plates

We Have A Winner! Video Contest

Ya'll had your chances. And the winner is Pam Miller of Tampa. Gork presented her with her prize last week. See The Winning Video Entry


Guess what......Gork is pitching his gorkplates Gorkplates in WalMart??? One never knows. Oh, but there is a catch. Walmart would like for you, the consumer, to let them know what you think of the plates. After March 7, 2012 go to product/5342/gorkplates. and let them know. If not, no biggy. I sent the video just to reach out to them. They are looking for new products for online store and retail store. Also if you need plates for spring/summer activities click on STORES above for retailers. The plates are moving well and I think this year will be the year. Fingers and toes crossed.


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Gork's World News

Gorkplates are now in the hands of Green Eggers and they are getting rave reviews.

MJ/Sully beef settled. The caveman settled the 2 yr. old dispute. He met with MJ and Sully's people and it was unanimous "they love the plate, they really do love it..." Anyways, Gork is very happy that it is all behind him now, and he can move on. Be on the lookout for the caveman in the Tampa area, you just never know where he will show up.


Gork's plates are now headed to the Dominican Republic! Get yours now!

Gork was at the Food and Beverage Trade Show in Miami and people were loving his plates! Gorkplates are on their way to Granada and Puerto Rico. Thanks for all the positive responses. Order yours today! Click Here To Order.

With the Holiday Season upon us it's time to make sure you have a big supply of plates on hand for all your parties. Call today and place your order.

Sales are growing as word of The Plate is getting out there. Gork has placed a big production order so he won't run out. Make sure to have some on hand for every occassion. Get your plates now and be ready for your 4th of July party and your tailgate get-togethers.

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